Sunday, July 23, 2017

The final Post

The last few weeks has been heck-tick. Doing all things to get the car ready around the 15 th. And I succeeded.
So what was going on the last few weeks? Well here is the final update.

We started with finishing the running boards.
 We fitted the step board and drilled the holes.
 After the 2 boards have finished...
 We started with rolling the beads on the mounting plates for the bed.
 Then the plastic cover was removed...
 And the reinforcements welded to the underside with the spot welder.
 Then all the weld were smeared with this product to clean of the dark coloring of the welds.
 After an hour the gunk is washed of and the parts are dried.
 Then we started with fine sanding the boards with a die grinder.
 And then the polishing started. First a rough polish and then a fine polish
 In the mean time the car came back from the upholstery guy. He delivered some very fine work.
 See for yourself.
 The wood for the bed also arrived.
 The mounting strips are also polished to a shine and the mounting holes were drilled.
 And then we started with the mounting of the truck bed. We started at the outer edges and worked our way to the inside.
 And this is what it looks like when finished.
 The rear door of the truck is installed and we put some rubber hose around the chains.
 Then the steps are installed. Right
 And on the left.
 Next came the elevated side of the bed. First the 4 struts that holds everything in place are made to fit.
 Then the side boards are screwed on.
 And then everything was cut and finalized.
 The Hood lettering was put on.
 And the Trunk lid received a Decal with the model name.
 On the inside I made a mock-up for the air vend.
 And then fabricated a piece in Stainless .
 I even made a door in it to prevent the air from entering when it is not needed.
 Then the hole part was polished to a shine.
 And then installed in the truck.
 For the Ends of the truck bed a few Stainless caps were fabricated.
 And after polishing they were glued to the corners.
  And here are a few pictures of the finished car.

Ain't it a beauty?

Monday, June 26, 2017

And an other week has past.

We are still busy with the running boards.
The passenger side board is fully welded.
 And then we started grinding. Firts the welds on the bottom side.
 And then the welds on the top side. The front side has also been worked on with hammer and dolly to get the most big bumps out.
 At the place where we wanted the step plate with chevy logo to go , we cut a hole as large as the plate is. This will re leave the tension that is on the plate.
 But then I had to rebuild my spot welder. The top arm had to get a bigger opening to be able to get it over the edge of the board.
 Then a stainless plate of 3 mm thick that i had laing around was tacked from the under side. This will give a strong hold for the step plate and straightens out the front section of the board.
 This was done to both boards.
 In this picture you can see the front section is straight  and there is still a rimple in the backside.
 But first we positioned the mold with the mounting brackets to the under side of the boards. And then tack welded them in place.
 Then we added some rails to get the back side straight and also put one on the front side.
That is one board almost finished now we have to do the same with the other one.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Welding the side step

The past few days I welded the first step.
First on the outside corner.
 Then after some more tacks the inner corner
 And then finally the both front and rear edge.
 The first step is now laid aside. And we started hacking up the plate for the other side.
 After all the pieces are cut out I made some bends with the metal break and rolled the edges with the bead roller.
 And then everything is tacked together.
 Today I made the edges on the front and back.
I'm now ready to put in some more tacks before I can start to weld. But my Argon bottle has just gone empty and the store from whom I'm getting my supplies is closed until Tuesday.
So this will be the end for this week.